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Fashions For Plus Size Teens

In discussing fashions for teens it is almost like holding a handful of Jello on a hot summer day while trying to not spill any. The fashions for teens are as fluid and exciting as they are. Teen styles can seem very difficult to understand in the fashion industry, however there are some basics to live by.

Plus size is typically defined as anyone who is size 16 and up. Some in the fashion industry have labeled size 12 and up as plus size. The definite threshold is size 16.

When we discuss plus size teen fashion there are a few points that need to be covered. There are some no nos and some yes yeses in fashion for plus size teens.

Fashion NO #1: Don't wear baggy clothes. Many plus size teens were baggy clothes in an effort to cover up the extra pounds. However, the fact is that when the pounds are there you cannot make them disappear. What you can do is emphasize the positive aspects of your body shape and assets. Don't hide your figure under baggy clothes. It is important to wear your correct size so your figure can shine through.

Fashion Yes #1: Examine your body shape and determine your assets. Perhaps you have slender arms or ankles. Emphasize these parts of the body. Perhaps you have slender legs this is an asset. Once you know what your positive aspects are you are more able to emphasize them. If you have slender arms, wear short sleeve shirts or sleeveless shirts. If you have slender legs be sure to wear skirts and show off your legs. If you have a large bust line wearing a v neckline or a scooped neckline is accentuating your positive aspects of your shape.

Fashion Yes #2: Yes: Be sure to wear bright and vibrant colors and even bold patterns. This will bring attention to the best parts of our body. If you do not want the attention these colors will bring your way, you can achieve the same fashion results with muted tones. This will still give you the look of a fashionable teen and yet not be the loudest dressed in the room. The important thing is to not try and blend into the background

Fashion Yes #3: Accessorize! It's the little things in life that can make a big difference. Accessories add style and drama to your outfit. The accessories also can add the complimentary colors to give added style. Part of the accessories is not just shoes or purses but jewelry and scarfs etc. If you are top heavy and need something heavy on the lower half consider wearing heavy shoes that will draw attention to your feet.

Fashion Yes #4: Take time to shop. When shopping for clothes make sure you have time to try on the clothes and take time to plan. Take time to purchase complete outfits unless you know you have specific outfits and you want to add to them then know your color scheme and add pieces for a complete outfit for fashion and excitement.

Fashion Yes #5: Take the time to plan your outfits before you leave. Take the extra minutes to plan your outfits the day before if possible. This will give you the time to make sure your colors blend well and your accessories are well planned.

Fashion Yes #6: Layer your clothes. This is a good thing, however, be sure to not increase the size by layer and not too many layers. A good firm fit top with an outer shirt is OK. However, do not make the outer shirt larger than your normal size. If you do, it may be more comfortable but it will give you a look that can only be described as large large.

Fashion Yes #7: Vary your texture. Do not be afraid of wearing stylish textures. There is one word of caution here that the rougher the texture the larger look you will get. If you have an accessory with bulky texture that is much better than a jacket made of a large and loose weave. On the flip side of the smooth textures give an appearance of sleek, smooth and slimmer. This can be flattering to the plus size teen. This is using fashion to your advantage.

As you can see there are far more YES YES suggestions than NO NO reminders. With attention to a few details you can become known as a fashion expert no matter your size.

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